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Traction® Tools launches

Whiteboard and Docs drive

We’ve released the latest version of Traction Tools, complete with new features to make your life easier and your business stronger. Want to take a sneak peek? Here are the highlights:

Coming soon: Process Component™ managment in Traction Tools

We’re partnering with Whale to bring optimized process documentation to Traction Tools users, marking the next generation of online EOS tool management.

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New Traction Tools features: Docs and Whiteboard

With Docs, you can save documents in an easily-accessible space within the platform—from training manuals to job descriptions. 

With Whiteboard, you can engage in visual problem-solving using a cloud-based panel, allowing you to draw, write and map-out solutions in real-time both independently and during sessions.

Connect Traction Tools to your favorite platforms

With Zapier for Traction Tools, you can streamline productivity by connecting Traction Tools to your favorite platforms. Using the integration, you and your clients can…

  • Use To-Dos to generate tasks in apps like Asana
  • Connect a Scorecard to QuickBooks® or a Google Sheet
  • Link data to Salesforce and HubSpot
  • Email People Headlines to a Level 10 Meeting
  • And more!


Give your clients 60 days of Traction Tools for free

Did you know?

Signing your clients up for Traction Tools before or during a Focus Day™ gives them 30 extra days of free Traction Tools access. That’s 60 days in total! Use the link below to get your client(s) signed up!

(Note: This is only valid if used before or during a Focus Day.)

Sign your clients up for Traction Tools here. 


Easily refer new clients with your unique referral link

With our new referral program, it’s never been easier to refer clients to Traction Tools. Since your referral link is unique to you, we’ll be able to track referrals back to you, allowing us to extend our thanks (over and over and over again)!


    Note: For the best experience, we recommend running Traction Tools on Google Chrome when exploring the new features. 

    Run Better Meetings

    Level 10 Meetings

    Team meeting portal

    One-on-one Meetings

    One-on-one meeting portal

    Texting Actions

    Capture items from your phone


    Visualize and give live examples of your ideas

    Measure Success


    Measurables to track each week


    Goals to complete each quarter

    Optimize workflows


    Items to complete each week


    Identify issues to discuss and solve

    Zapier Integration

    Connect with your favorite platforms

    Promote Transparency

    Accountability Chart

    Company functions and roles


    Company and department vision and traction


    Keep your EOS Docs in one convenient place

    Process documentation

    Made possible by Whale

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