Love Traction Tools? Leave Us a Testimonial

At my previous company, we did not have anything like Traction® Tools to structure our meetings. Our weekly meetings were longer, less productive and redundant. Using Traction Tools at my current company has actually shown me how productive a meeting can be in an hour. I would definitely recommend to all organizations.

Christina Dugue
Account Development Representative, Alliance Safety Council

The real benefit of Traction Tools is ensuring we have clarity. At any given time and at every single meeting, we can see exactly where we need to be and then make any changes. Everything gets distributed right where it needs to be.

Wally Conway
President, HomePro Inspections

There’s a number of benefits but I think the greatest benefit would be accountability. Our three core values are act on accountability, communication, teamwork and I think Traction Tools almost whole heartedly takes over the accountability piece.

Doug Doucet
Owner/President, rcs Construction

The integration of all of the different parts of the application and the way that it’s so true to the Traction process. It just makes it easy to use––low friction.

Rick Green
President, Equus Holdings

Our company is more cohesive because we have people working together now and working with [Traction Tools] and not wondering what the other departments are doing. We do share. We actually have an interdepartmental process, operations, discussion, where we have one member from every group.

Scott Ross
Chief Financial Officer, Packsmart, Inc.

We run all of our Level 10™ and our Same-Page Meetings™ through Traction Tools and it’s significantly helped us build accountability and increase momentum.

Zach Wills
Chief Integration Officer, Probo Medical

Thanks for your help! You save me at least an hour a week getting EOS® Scorecards and agendas ready for the Level 10 Meeting. We love Traction Tools so much that we are rolling it out company wide.

Doug Andersen
Chief Operating Officer & Integrator, Magnet 360

Can I just say....mind freakin' blown! Thank you for the training on Traction Tools. It is simply an amazing tool!

Kristie Clayton
Founder, Female Integrator Mastermind

Love how Traction Tools reaches out to us proactively to do live web trainings of their product enhancements. The sessions are always quick, useful and scheduled at our convenience. The customer service we have received from Traction Tools has been so great!

Traci Elder
Vice President of Marketing, Little

We love that Traction Tools helps us be a lot more efficient and keep different teams/departments on the same page.

Peter Hahm
Vice President of Operations, Titus Talent Strategies

After implementing EOS, we wanted an easy system to keep track of our Issues and To-Dos. Traction Tools has been instrumental in managing those tools and it is always getting better!

Lisa Baker
Operations Manager, TLC Tech

Traction Tools is a simple, intuitive and organized way to run a team meeting and identify, discuss and solve issues.

Josh Gregg
Director of Content & Associate Creative Director, Firespring

Traction Tools has brought our EOS journey to an entirely new level. More To-Dos are getting done and communication is better across the entire organization.

Scott Wendelburg
President and Owner, Winco Stamping

Traction Tools is a very simple, intuitive platform for our people to share Issues, to track To-Dos and keep track of the business better than we would otherwise do.

Kelly Knight
Integrator, EOS Worldwide