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We’re dedicated to helping you and your clients get connected, solve problems and run effecting Level 10 Meetings™. We work in tandem with our Support, Product and Leadership teams to ensure a highly-personalized experience across the Traction Tools platform, from client referrals to Focus Day™ and beyond. Scroll down to learn more about us!

Brent Rowe has over 17 years of professional sales, training and coaching experience. He loves to grow brands and help businesses scale-up! Here at Traction Tools, Brent hopes to put those skills to work for others by lending support to EOS Implementers and Coaches. Brent lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where he enjoys being outdoors, hiking, and seeing live music.

 Charlene Krassói has spent her career in positions that have allowed her to do what she loves the most: being of service.  At Traction Tools, she helps entrepreneurial companies and their teams by supporting EOS Implementers and Coaches. Residing in Colorado, Charlene enjoys spending time with her family and friends (especially outside) and playing games as often as possible.

Natasha Brandenburg uses a wide range of professional experience to support members of the EOS community along their journey. She has over 15 years of experience in helping clients optimize their time, businesses and networks. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she loves spending time with her son, husband and two dogs.

Greeschen Rios’s growth-orientation and drive to help our clients get the most out of the software is a huge asset to her role supporting Implementers, coaches and clients in their EOS journey. Living in the sunny paradise of Nicaragua provides Greeschen and her new baby boy plenty of opportunities to explore the world around them—from sunset beach walks to exploring the flavors of new restaurants.

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One-on-one meeting portal

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