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Promote Transparency


With the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO) built right into the software, it’s never been easier to share what success looks like with your entire organization. Once they’re crystal clear and aligned, look out because the sky’s the limit.

Keep your vision within reach

Make sure you’re always on the same page. Each department’s V/TO is immediately accessible from the Level 10 Meeting™.

Guide your Quarterly Conversations™ and annual reviews

Use the V/TO as a handy reference during Quarterly Conversations and annual reviews.

Share your vision and core values with everyone

As your leadership team rolls out EOS®, your V/TO is easily accessible to all from day one.

Keep your V/TO at your fingertips

V/TO is the absolute best tool to communicate your vision, gain Traction® and ensure everyone is moving in the same direction, which is up. With Traction Tools software for EOS, your company’s V/TO is always available and within reach.

Traction® Tools integrates the contents of the V/TO throughout the software, so your team will always have the right information.

Import core values into Quarterly Conversations™ and annual reviews.

Quickly move Issues from a Level 10 Meeting™ to the V/TO’s long-term Issues.

Automatically import departmental Rocks from the Level 10 Meeting to the department’s departmental plan (its own Traction page of the V/TO).

Share the vision page of your company V/TO with all the Level 10 Meetings (the Traction page is unique to each Level 10 Meeting).

With Traction® Tools, you’ll get to the next level in no time!

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