Take To-Dos in a flash and never lose track of them again.

Stay on top of your To-Dos

Greater accountability at every level

Take a To-Do in a Flash

Capturing To-Dos just got easier. Anyone can take a To-Do at anytime—before or during your Level 10 Meeting™—from anywhere.

Built-in Accountability

The EOS® software builds in accountability for every To-Do in your company. Boost accountability by automatically notifying and reminding every To-Do owner.

Boost Your Completion Rate

How well does your team complete your To-Dos? A pop-up score automatically displays your success rate during the Level 10 Meeting.

Boost Your Accountability

Boost Your Accountability

Meetings don’t have value if nothing happens afterwards. Without accountability, your company won’t gain traction. But accountability can be difficult to achieve, and it often requires a new level of discipline for teams.

Traction® Tools EOS software helps strengthen the Traction component of your business by helping your team stay accountable to complete your weekly To-Dos. Our To-Dos are incredibly easy to use, and they’ll help you boost your To-Do completion rate.

Capturing To-Dos is a snap

Adding and managing To-Dos is incredibly easy. Anyone can take a To-Do at anytime—before or during your Level 10—from anywhere. Each Issue and To-Do is viewable from within the Level 10 Agenda as well as your Traction Workspace™.

  • Context-Aware To-Dos™—Pair a To-Do with an Issue with just a click. If the Issue is moved to another Level 10 Meeting or to the V/TO™, the To-Do goes with it
  • To-Dos on the go—On the move and need to add a To-Do fast? Create a To-Do from your mobile phone at any time
  • You have the power—Anyone can create a To-Do during a Level 10 Meeting
  • Add details—Take notes within an To-Do to add clarity

Automated Accountability

Traction Tools builds in accountability for every To-Do in your company. The EOS software initiates accountability by notifying and reminding every To-Do owner, in multiple ways:

  • As part of the meeting summary
  • In daily email reminders
  • In the Traction Workspace

At the next Level 10 Meeting, existing To-Dos are automatically included on the agenda to make sure each owner is kept accountable. Anything past due is clearly called out and easy to see.

Celebrate better completion rates

With Traction Tools, you don’t have to manually calculate your completion percentage each week. You’ll get a pop-up score when you get to the To-Dos portion of your Level 10 Meeting. It’s a great way to motivate your team to improve. Completing 90 percent or better? The software celebrates your success with your team!

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We are more on top of our To-Dos, thanks to the reminder emails and completion rate tracking that spurs us to check off our actions.

Kirstine Storey
Head of Operations at Equinet Media Ltd

Traction Tools makes things easier by tracking progress and To-Do completion. We never forget to add an issue or people headline to our Level 10 with the Traction Tools texting features.

Brandon Gile
Director of Sales, Platinum Pest Solutions.