Start every meeting on the right foot.

Good news makes for a great meeting

Make Every Level 10 Meeting™ Great

Celebrate your team’s wins

Kick off your Level 10 Meetings™ on a positive note. Every bit of good news lays a foundation for more!

Set your focus

Take five minutes to transition your attention to the meeting at hand, not the noise and clutter of the day’s distractions.

Stay on track

Tend to get sidetracked during segues? The built-in meeting timer helps make sure you run your meeting on schedule from out of the gate.

Learn to love your meetings!

Make every leadership team meeting great! The very first moments of your meetings are an opportunity to check in with your people, and set the tone moving forward. A negative beginning can be hard to overcome, but a positive start propels your team forward. Traction® Tools software for EOS® provides a built-in Level 10 Meeting Agenda, which includes the important Segue.

With Traction Tools and the Level 10 Meeting Agenda, you’ll learn to love your team meetings.

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