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Struggling to keep track of all your data? Overwhelmed by the sight of a spreadsheet?  Traction® Tools manages all your measurables simply and automatically. Create Issues and To-Dos right from your EOS Scorecards™ to spot trends, get the right team members involved and put out small fires before they turn into hot messes.

Move data from one place to another

Automatically share your Scorecard between your team’s workspaces and Level 10 Meetings™ without having to double your workload by inputting data twice. During the Level 10 Meeting™, the Scorecard is automatically displayed at the right time with the right data.

Understand complex data at a glance

Get immediate insight into your metrics, as both your cumulative and average numbers are displayed. View trends, spot on-track and off-track numbers, and review past data.

Customize display to fit your needs

No screen is set in stone. Reorder information however you want, using metrics, weekly data and color-coding to visualize progress.

Do more with your metrics

Spreadsheets can be hard to read—key company numbers get buried and trends are tough to spot. During the Level 10 Meeting™, the Scorecard makes data accessible, interpretable and easy. With Traction® Tools’ EOS Scorecard you can:

  • Color-code numbers to know what’s on—and off—track in a glance
  • View data from the previous 13 weeks to reveal trends
  • Access archived data forever
  • Track and share metrics in multiple meetings

Do you have other departments that track the same numbers?

No need to enter that data twice!

Share your numbers with multiple Level 10 Meetings, or move measurables from your leadership team meeting to another meeting with the click of a button. Farewell, hassle.

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