No more time-consuming, error-prone number-crunching.

Greater insight, less work

Track all your measurables, simply and automatically

Hands-Free Data Management

Automatically import your measurables. During the Level 10 Meeting™, the Scorecard is automatically displayed at the right time with the right data.

Understand Complex Data at a Glance

The Scorecard’s visual display gives immediate insight into your metrics. View trends, spot on-track and off-track numbers, and review historical data.

Share Scorecard Data

Easily share your data with multiple Level 10 Meetings, or move measurables from one departmental meeting to another one.

Do More with Your Metrics

Manual data entry is time-consuming and error-prone. With Traction® Tools software for EOS®, your leadership team can avoid all that. Custom integrations let you automatically import EOS Scorecard data from other applications. During the Level 10 Meeting, the Scorecard is automatically displayed at the proper spot in the agenda, with real-time numbers.

Spreadsheets are hard to read and interpret. Key company numbers can get buried in the visual noise, and trends are hard to spot. Traction Tools gives you immediate insight into your metrics.

  • Color-coded numbers let you know immediately if any numbers are off-track
  • Scorecard graphs present visualized data
  • Historical record reveals trends
  • Archived data is accessible forever
  • Customize your views

When it comes to displaying data, one size doesn’t fit all. Each team needs to see its metrics in the way that makes the most sense for that team. Start your Thirty-Day Free Trial now.Traction Tools software for EOS lets you boost the usefulness of your company data. Customize the Scorecard’s display to fit your team’s needs:

  • Reorder data by priority or group it into related metrics
  • Define the first day of the reporting period—Sunday, Monday, or any other day
  • Highlight the current week or the previous week’s data
  • View weeks in ascending or descending order
  • Toggle color-coding on and off
  • Share your numbers

Are there other departments that track the same numbers? No need to enter the same numbers multiple times! You can share your data with multiple Level 10 Meetings, or move measurables from your leadership team meeting to another one (you must have the right level of access to view measurables).

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Our support is unbeatable. We’ll even upload your data to Traction Tools for freeincluding your Scorecard, V/TO™, Issues, To-dos, Rocks and more—to help you move seamlessly from paper or Google Docs.

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Thanks for your help! You save me at least an hour a week getting EOS Scorecards and agendas ready for the Level 10 Meeting. We love Traction Tools so much that we are rolling it out company wide.

Doug Andersen
COO & Integrator, Magnet 360