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Run better meetings

One-on-One Meetings

Getting team members on the same page is a must to save time, accomplish goals and maintain everyone’s sanity. Use One-on-One Meetings to ensure the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing and maximize your Meeting Pulse™.

IDS™ in real time

Create, update and close Issues in real time. You can even text new Issues to the agenda anytime, from anywhere. Catch them on the Issues List at your next meeting.

Stay on time and on topic

The One-on-One Meeting agenda generates automatically, so there’s no prep work! Never chase down an Issue or Scorecard numbers again. Plus, the built-in timer helps you pace your meeting for each agenda item.

Track your To-Dos

Escalate accountability with our To-Do completion tracker. By letting your team monitor your completion percentage, you have a better shot at increasing your completion rate.

Everything you need for One-on-One Meetings

Traction® Tools eliminates prep work for your meetings, helps you navigate the agenda, and lets you focus on your one-on-one meeting.

Same day meetings, same great features

Ready to slam dunk your meetings without breaking a sweat?
Use all the features you love:

  • Rank Issues: prioritize the top three Issues with a click, and solve them for good
  • Embedded V/TO™ and Accountability Chart™: access them online, 24/7
  • Zoom video conferencing:  participate remotely or on-the-go
  • Meeting ratings: rate the meeting as soon as it ends
  • Remote access: follow along, in real time, from anywhere that has WiFi
  • Share across meetings: move data to other meetings
  • Traction Archive™: pull needed information, including your To-Do and Issue notes

Get help anywhere, anytime

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