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Measure success


Manage more and stress less with easy-to-toggle Rock status trackers and milestones. Each Rock is broken up into measurable milestones that allow you to view progress from Point A to today.

Keep leadership up to speed

Get the information you need to ensure your team’s Rocks are rolling smoothly from quarter to quarter and gaining momentum toward your 1-Year Plan.

Add Rocks hands-free

Automatically add Rocks to the Level 10 Meeting™ agenda as soon as they’re created. Plus, Company Rocks are automatically added to the V/TO™.

Find your Rocks when you need them

You can see Rocks in your Level 10 Meeting, company’s workspace, or view your personal Rocks from your individual workspace.

Company Rocks and Personal Rocks

With our EOS® Software, accountability has never looked so good. You have all the tools needed to easily maximize your Rocks and master the Traction® component of your business.

Share Rocks with other meetings

We know some Rocks may involve teams or departments other than yours. Sharing Rocks with other Level 10 Meetings™ is easy. After you enter the data once, you can assign it to other meetings and easily keep track of the Rock’s progress in both places.

Reassign Rocks

What happens if a Rock owner moves to a different seat or leaves your organization? Admins can reassign Rocks to a different person to ensure no Rock gets left behind.

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One-on-one meeting portal

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Measure Success


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