People Headlines™

Keep your people in the know.

What’s new with you?

Share the latest customer and employee news

Add headlines in no time

Never forget to report company or client news! Add a headline from your phone directly to the Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda—anytime, anywhere.

Never miss a headline again

Make sure all the right people get the news—Traction® Tools cascades headlines to the right people after your Level 10 Meeting.

Stay on track

Tend to get sidetracked during headlines? The built-in meeting timer helps make sure your team meeting stays on schedule from out of the gate.

Keep your team looped in

Your leaders need to keep your team up-to-date on employee and customer news. The People Headline creates a space for that. Traction Tools software for EOS® makes it easy to create and manage your People Headlines. Schedule your Free Trial to see that People Headlines are easy to manage in Traction Tools.Add a headline by texting, anytime and anywhere. Need to IDS™ or take action on a headline? No problem! Drop it down to the Issues List with just a click. You’ll save time and increase the value of your leadership team meetings.

With Traction Tools software and the Level 10 Meeting Agenda, you’ll learn to love your team meetings.

Traction® Tools will be hosting a value-packed workshop the day before the EOS® Conference, on May 13, 2020 from 2:00 – 6:00 pm EDT, followed by a reception and open bar.

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