Document Your Meeting Initiatives: Context-Aware™ To-Dos

Create new To-Dos from other Level 10 Agenda items

Creating To-Dos has never been faster or easier

New To-Dos in a snap

Add To-Dos on the fly

Got a To-Do that comes up during your Level 10 Meeting™? Add a new one from a Level 10 Agenda item with just a click.

Quit duplicating your efforts

Context-Aware™ To-Dos automatically pulls in relevant information, so you don’t have to double your data entry.

Focus on the meeting, not admin

Don’t interrupt the flow of the meeting to add new To-Dos. With one click, Traction® Tools creates a new To-Do.

Context-Aware To-Dos

How often has a People Headline, Rock, Issue or Scorecard measurable led to a new To-Do? Typically, you’ve got to stop the flow of the meeting while everyone waits for you to manually create a new To-Do and take a couple of notes for the owner. Do that a few times per meeting and you’re using up valuable time.Click to start your FREE Traction Tools trial. Traction Tools’ Context-Aware To-Dos make it easy to create new To-Dos from other items in the Level 10 Agenda. Just click a button and Traction Tools software adds a new To-Do, filled out with relevant notes and data.

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Our support is unbeatable. We’ll even upload your data to Traction Tools for freeincluding your Scorecard, V/TO™, Issues, To-dos, Rocks and more—to help you move seamlessly from paper or Google Docs.

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Traction Tools has brought our EOS journey to an entirely new level. More To-Dos are getting done and communication is better across the entire organization.

Scott Weldelburg
President and Owner, Winco Stamping