Traction® Tools API

Say goodbye to manual data entry and duplicate work.

Do more by doing less

Delegate and Elevate™ with the Traction Tools API

Do more in less time

The Traction® Tools API means there’s no more hunting down information from third-party apps and pasting it into Traction Tools. It’s already there!

Take automation to the next level

Integrate Traction Tools with hundreds of software applications, so you can minimize your manual data entry and duplicate work.

Connect your core systems

Connect your company’s most important business systems to Traction Tools—financial, HR, project management, Marketing and Sales, and more!

Shake hands with the Traction Tools API

The Traction Tools API integrates our EOS® software with thousands of software applications your leadership team and your employees use everyday. You can automatically share data between Traction Tools and your other business systems.Integrate your application using the Traction Tools API.Import your financial data directly from Quickbooks into your Company Scorecard. Boost your team’s project management by automatically importing To-Dos into applications like Asana or Teamwork. What else could your leadership team do with the API? Here are a few ideas:

  • Import key CRM data into the Scorecard.
  • Send Traction Tools data for analysis to Databox.
  • Push To-Dos to a specific channel in Slack.
  • Add Issues to Trello.
  • Import headlines from Google Docs.
  • Add To-Do deadlines to your calendar.

You can even use the Traction Tools API to create Level 10 Meetings™. Once you add the users within Traction Tools, you can import all of the other data from external sources and create a Level 10 Meeting. Post all of the information for each agenda item—Headlines, Scorecard data, Rock information, To-Dos and Issues—then add the users to the meeting you’ve created.

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