Keep Your Vision & Goals on Track: Accountability Chart

Define the accountability structure that will take your organization to the next level.

Optimize the People Component of your business

Clarify who is accountable for what

Bring clarity to every role

Traction® Tools makes it easy to create and modify your company’s EOS® Accountability Chart. Drag and click functionality lets you make changes on the fly.

Put the Right People in the Right Seats

Need to GWC™ an employee? Traction Tools automatically populates your team’s roles from the Accountability Chart, so all your prep work is done for you!

View only what you need

Expand or collapse specific areas of the Accountability Chart so you can easily focus on the responsibilities and reporting structure you need to see.

EOS Software for the People Component of Your Business

EOS may be simple, but it’s not always easy. It can be hard work to build out an Accountability Chart that’s easy to read and understand! With Traction Tools, it can be simple and easy!Get started with the Accountability Chart in Traction Tools.Our software for EOS lets you quickly add, change and delete roles on the fly. Need to reassign accountabilities? Just drag roles from one spot on the chart to another. Eliminate endless sketches, hours at the whiteboard and flow chart diagrams—Traction Tools lets you do all of your work within an interactive template. Defining the structure of your organization doesn’t have to be complicated!

Prepping for Quarterly Conversations™ and Annual Reviews is simpler, too. Your people information is automatically populated whenever your leadership team needs to GWC an employee.

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