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When you’re focusing on the people aspect of your organization, the first thing you need is a tool that makes the Process Component™ less of a hassle. Traction® Tools allows you to auto-populate quarterly and annual reviews in a more streamlined manner. The result? You can see if your employees “Get It,” “Want It,” and have the “Capacity to Do It” thoughtfully and in record time.

Make every role matter

Easily create and modify your company’s EOS® Accountability Chart. Drag-and-click functionality lets you change details on the fly.

Put people in the right places

Keep your V/TO™ on track by automatically filling in your team’s roles from the Accountability Chart.

See only what you want to see

Expand or collapse responsibilities and reporting structure so you can focus on what’s needed.

EOS® Software for the People Component™ of your business

Building a clear Accountability Chart doesn’t have to involve hours at the whiteboard or endless flow charts. Simply drag roles from one spot to another. You can also add, change and delete roles or reassign who does what.

Simple prep of Quarterly Conversations™ and annual reviews

Finally, a tool that makes the process of evaluating employees less of a hassle. With the ability to auto-populate, quarterly and annual reviews are more streamlined. So, you can “Get It,” “Want It,” and “Capacity to Do It” (GWC) employees thoughtfully in record time.

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