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Traction Tools is beyond thrilled to work with so many EOS Implementers who are passionate about bringing the EOS Life to leadership teams around the world. As luck would have it, they seem to enjoy working with us as well; hear it direct from them here!

Mike Paton, Certified EOS Implementer, Achieve Traction; Visionary, EOS Worldwide
“I’ve seen firsthand how using Traction Tools can help an organization purely implement EOS. It’s helped the EOS Worldwide leadership team, my EOS Implementer practice, and many of my clients run more efficient Level 10 Meetings, keep a V/TO and Accountability Chart at hand and up to date, and better manage Rocks, To-Do’s, and Issues.”

Alicia Hawkins, Leadership Counts
“Traction Tools is the butter to our toast! It helps our team immensely! It holds us accountable each week. It helps us keep on top of our To-Dos & solving our Issues. We love the 5-minute EOS segue because It promotes a healthy culture. We also find it helpful when we receive the summary email sent automatically after the L10. We love Traction Tools! Could not imagine it any other way.”

Mike Abercrombie, Certified YPO Forum Resource, Professional EOS Implementer; See Work Grow
“Traction Tools helps clients stay on track with their Level 10s and improves coordination and management of the EOS process.”

John LaFontsee, EOS Implementer, The Clarity Gain
“Happy to report one of my clients just shared their appreciation for Traction Tools and how much it improved their Level 10 Meetings. They previously had “Bad L-10’s” on their issues list, and within 4 weeks of using the software, the leadership team is giving high ratings across the board. I knew it would help–thanks for making that happen!”

Alex Goodier, Executive Coordinator, Entrepreneurial Advisors
“As an assistant to an implementer, understanding EOS and all of the tools is crucial. Traction Tools has made that easy and fun! I’m able to keep everything in one place and it makes our Zoom based Level 10s even easier! I love the L10 format and the easily managed scorecard. On top of all of this, the customer service has been OUT OF THIS WORLD. They always respond promptly, they always want to do anything they can to help, and I always leave pleased not only with the result but also with such a great experience with their organization. I love Traction Tools and can’t imagine our organization without it!”

Justin Maust, Professional EOS Implementer; EntreLegacy Group
“TT is simple, very intuitive and EOS pure which reduces the complexity of figuring out how to manage the tools on your own. It greatly decreases the time required to manage paperwork and drives massive focus for every person that uses it.”

Dan Moshe, EO Central Region Accelerator Director; EOS Professional Implementer; Strong in Six
“Traction Tools has the best Accountability Chart tool—it’s fastest and easiest. I also appreciate that clients can simply generate a quarterly packet (PDF) with a click of a button.”

Lisa Manning Earley, Owner, Earley Information Science
“Our leadership team is virtual across North America and therefore we run most Level 10 Meetings on the phone using GoToMeeting. We have been running on EOS for a couple of years. When we heard about Traction Tools we became early adopters and were immediately thrilled by how it improved our meetings—completely transformational! As the integrator, I wish I had been able to use this tool from the first day we started having Level 10s. Best money we ever spent.”

John McMahon, Certified EOS Implementer, TractionLeadership, LLC
“As an automated platform, Traction Tools has proven to be a valuable accelerator in managing our business. The ease of use and excellent customer support are proving to my clients to be of significant value. My most recent client expressed his feelings by saying ‘I can’t imagine managing our EOS implementation any other way. It’s been a huge asset.’ As a result of this success, I am encouraging all my clients to engage Traction Tools to receive their free demonstration and experience the value for themselves.”

Todd Smart, Certified EOS Implementer, Smart Partners Inc.
“Traction Tools is like the bumpers in a bowling lane–even if you’re the worst bowler at the alley, you’ll still knock a couple of pins down. Traction Tools is like that. You could be really rough in your understanding of EOS, but you’ll still get value when you use Traction Tools, because you’ll have those guard rails.”