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Client Partner Testimonials

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Traction® Tools is beyond thrilled to work with so many wonderful client partners who are passionate about running their organization on EOS®. As luck would have it, they seem to enjoy working with us as well; hear it direct from them!

Emily Traxler, Account Manager, COKeM International

Traction Tools is really great for streamlining business.

We use Traction Tools mainly for Scorecards, which helps keep our financials, accounting, and business, in general, hitting our goals. It’s especially helpful that some measurables can appear in both the department and leadership team Scorecards. This allows us to connect the dots and show the leadership team that we are really business driven.

Phil Whitmarsh, Co-founder and Chief Navigator, Redbrush

Highly recommended EOS implementation tool. If you like Gino Wickman’s EOS Traction model, Traction Tools will make EOS easier than ever.

Peter Hahm, Vice President of Operations, Titus Talent

We love that Traction Tools helps us be a lot more efficient and keep different teams/departments on the same page.

Scott Wendelburg, President and Owner, Winco Stamping

Traction Tools has brought our EOS journey to an entirely new level. Level 10’s are run better, more To-Dos are getting done and communication is better across the entire organization. We have only been using it for one month but we love it!

Lisa Manning Earley, Owner, Earley Information Science

Our leadership team is virtual across North America and therefore we run most Level 10 Meetings on the phone using GoToMeeting. We have been running on EOS for a couple of years. When we heard about Traction Tools we became early adopters and were immediately thrilled by how it improved our meetings—completely transformational! As the integrator, I wish I had been able to use this tool from the first day we started having Level 10s. Best money we ever spent.

Josh Gregg, Director of Content & Associate Creative Director, Firespring

A simple, intuitive and organized way to run a team meeting and identify, discuss and solve issues. 5/5 Would recommend!

Ashley Tucker, McKee Homes LLC

This is a wonderful tool for anyone running their business on the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Great customer service too!

Randy Stearns, CEO, D-Tools Inc.

Since using Traction Tools, our weekly executive team meetings have become more focused and more efficient. Holding everyone accountable to weekly to-dos, being regularly reminded about quarterly goals, and staying focused on key metrics is invaluable.