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Full-Time, Remote

EOS Implementer® Relationship Engagement


We’re Traction® Tools—the first officially licensed software for companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, aka EOS®. We are a fast-growing, dynamic SaaS startup, building our Business Development Team. We are looking to hire someone who will strengthen the relationships between Traction Tools and EOS Implementers® and EOS Coaches. EOS Implementers and Coaches are very important to the EOS Community and serve as one of our biggest referral channels. We are looking for someone to help build and expand our working relationship with these members of the community. 


In this role, you’ll work with several different teams across the company, including Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Support and Data. This list is not comprehensive, but, in general, you’ll be accountable for the following roles: 

  • Increase referrals from new and existing EOS Implementers and Coaches by developing relationships and increasing customer satisfaction 
  • Continually optimize and follow the EOSI / Coach Channel Proven and Core Processes
  • Utilize our CRM as trained 
  • Onboard and train EOS Implementers and EOS Coaches on Traction Tools software
  • Document and track EOS Implementer and Coach engagement (e.g., phone calls, personal information, meetings, etc.) in the CRM
  • Plan, organize and maintain an annual calendar of EOS Implementer and Coach engagement


  • Provide concierge level support for our EOS Implementers and Coaches
  • Respond to EOS Implementer and Coach questions and tickets through our ticketing system
  • Provide live software training sessions for EOS Implementers and Coaches
  • In-depth learning of EOS by reading the Traction® books and videos
  • Attend and help plan sponsored EOS Events
  • Forecast and maintain monthly budget


  • Great attitude (smile-through-the phone level of great!) and highly personable
  • Experience working with customers over the phone and by video conference calls. You genuinely love it! (even better if your experience is in software sales and support!)
  • Must be able to train EOS Implementers and Coaches in all levels of our software
  • You go the extra mile—providing the minimum isn’t good enough for you
  • Computer, camera, high-speed internet and a quiet place in your home without distractions
  • Extremely tech-savvy – loves geeking out about technology
  • Impeccable follow through (you finish your tasks and projects ALL the time, nothing falls through the cracks, if there is a breakdown you are fully in communication ahead of time)
  • Savvy email abilities (concise, articulate writing)
  • Common sense galore (you often hear of situations and are puzzled why other people don’t get the simplest of things)
  • Love and promote great team work
  • Ability to manage projects with strong project management skills
  • Strong ability to listen keenly and be present
  • Bonus: You already know EOS and are familiar with Traction Tools

What is 7+4? Answer numerically.

Traction® Tools is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.