Your Accountability Workspace for EOS


Your Accountability Workspace for EOS

Before Traction® Tools, you were probably using half a dozen software solutions to manage your EOS® business. Your responsibilities were scattered across a handful of platforms, and productivity was impacted.

All you need

The Accountability Workspace is the home page of Traction® Tools and all you need. Your scorecard, rocks, and to-dos are in one place. Keep it open throughout the day, and watch your productivity skyrocket. And it’s mobile friendly for access on-the-go.

Accountability tiles save time, increase efficiency, and help you become more informed. Add, remove, resize, and reorder accountability tiles to suit your style. Convenient and customizable: nice.

Get everything in one place

Did you know that your data are linked with your Level 10 (L10) meetings? Update your data once, and it’s reflected everywhere, for every team member.

Want to see the to-dos for your Sales Team’s L10? No problem. Now you can add tiles related to your L10 meetings. Keep up to date with all the teams in your organization.

Lots of meetings?

Multiple L10s? The Workspace merges your L10s’ to-do lists and your scorecards.  It’s perfect for whenever you decide to roll-out EOS®.

Managing multiple organizations? We’ve got you covered. You can create a view tailored to each situation with multiple workspaces. With your permission, tiles can even be shared with your implementer.

Make the Accountability Workspace a permanent tab on every employee’s browser, and watch your productivity soar. When your team’s getting 90% of its to-dos done, you’ll complete 80% of your rocks. And completed rocks mean achieving your one-year goals. It all begins with raising the visibility of everyone’s accountabilities.

Leverage the psychology of measurables and transparency to take your results to the next level.

It’s time to get everything in one place.

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