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Why EOS Implementers® Worldwide Use Traction Tools for Their Business

Aug 2, 2018

Traction Tools is making a difference in companies around the world. You’ll find our software for EOS® in 11 different countries, and counting. In Australia, EOS Implementer Daniel Davis recommends it to all of his clients. His company, Traction Dojo, discovered the benefits Traction Tools provides, even to companies that know how to run purely on EOS.

As a Professional Implementer and the Visionary leading the EOS headquarters in Australia and Asia-Pacific, Daniel knew how to operate a successful business on EOS. Yet, he discovered that Traction Tools helps boost his company’s productivity and keeps them disciplined to follow EOS purely.

Here’s their story.

Meet Traction Dojo

Daniel has been a Professional EOS Implementer since 2015. He is a thoroughbred entrepreneur who has been working since the age of ten and has established several of his own businesses—including an independent food market at the age of 21, and a previous consulting business.

Daniel fell in love with EOS as soon as he learned about it, and he brought the system to Australia. He found that people in Australia loved EOS as much as he did, and he became one of the highest first-year performers in the history of EOS.

For Daniel, it’s all about simplicity. His Integrator, Francesca Lever said, “We came from a world of trying to help people, but our process at the time was quite complex. EOS makes it possible to do what we always tried to do, but in a really simple way. Daniel is a simple guy, and he loves the EOS Tools because of that.”

Traction Dojo’s Challenge

While EOS brought an elegant simplicity to the business, Daniel’s team found their own habits could get in the way of things, which reduced their productivity.

Issues could slip through the cracks during the week. If an Issue surfaced on Wednesday, it could be forgotten by Monday’s Level 10 Meeting. The Issue wouldn’t get discussed or resolved, and it would continue to impact the company down the road.

Sidebar meetings were also common. The team found themselves getting bogged down by little things that would come up between Level 10 Meetings. Rather than focusing on the priorities for the week, they would get distracted by addressing “just this one little thing” and popping into someone’s office to deal with it real quick. But more often than not, those little things took valuable time to deal with and they sucked the team’s time and productivity.

There was also a degree of administrative work that took too much time. Francesca had several statistics sheets that she was constantly managing and maintaining, and she did a lot of manual note taking for each meeting.

The Traction Tools Difference

Then, about two years ago, Daniel started working with EOS Worldwide on a project. The meetings were run through Traction Tools software for EOS, and both Daniel and Francesca saw how the application helped keep Traction Dojo EOS-pure while working on the initiative. They started using Traction Tools shortly after.

Since using Traction Tools, the team has become more efficient and more productive in their weekly work. Francesca has noticed an improvement in their Level 10 Meetings. “I love running the meetings and having everything embedded in one place,” she said. “The Scorecard is really simple, and it’s great to see the graph functionality—any option you could want is there. The To-Dos and the tracking for Rocks is awesome.”

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Traction Tools has also helped Traction Dojo to eliminate those sidebar discussions between meetings. “We put everything in the meeting agenda, we have a really productive meeting, and then we’re more productive during the week because we’re not bogged down by those little bits and pieces,” Francesca said. The team has become more disciplined, because they know that they will have those discussions in the Level 10 Meetings, where they belong.

Administrative work has been reduced as well. They no longer use their statistics sheets, and Francesca doesn’t have to take notes manually anymore—everything is logged by the software and reported out to the right people after the meeting. “Traction Tools has streamlined everything that we do,” she said. “It ensures you don’t lose track of Issues. If you have something to go on the Issues List, you can add it anytime during the week, so you don’t forget it.”

Traction Tools Is for EOS Implementers

Approximately 100 companies in Australia are working with EOS Implementers, and over a third of them are using Traction Tools. Francesca said, “We recommend the tool to every client. The selling point is that we use it, and we love it. And we’ve found that our clients that use Traction Tools expedite their adoption and perfecting of the Level 10 Meeting.”

A growing number of EOS Implementers are discovering Traction Tools and recommending us to their clients. Like Traction Dojo, they love the simplicity of the software and the results they see in their productivity.

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