What is Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM)?


What is Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM)?

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When I began my career at BCR® Wealth Strategies, the leadership team requested I read Traction by Gino Wickman. As I was reading the book, I remember thinking, “Integrator? Did someone just write about my life? This is me! This is who I am!”

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Vy Duong

About the Author

Vy Duong is the Marketing Leader who works within the business development team at Traction Tools. Vy enjoys working at Traction Tools because the team environment is great and she's able to do what she loves. Outside of work, you can find Vy walking along Chicago’s Lakefront Trail, exploring the different neighborhoods and finding new coffee shops. She’s gotten into photography recently and plans to learn more about photography and videography.