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Traction® Tools launches Whiteboard and Doc drive!

May 6, 2021

The latest version of Traction Tools is officially live in all user accounts, complete with new features to make your life easier and your business stronger. Want to take a sneak peek? Here are the highlights:

Visualize and solve problems in real-time with Whiteboard

Everyone loves drawing on whiteboards. And now, you can do it in Traction Tools! Built specifically with visual problem-solvers in mind, Whiteboard is a virtual, collaborative panel designed to help you illustrate, communicate and collaborate throughout the decision-making process. 


Where do I find Whiteboard?

Whiteboard has been added as an option to the left panel of all Level 10 Meetings™. Just click “Whiteboard,” and a blank white screen will appear to you and everyone following you in the meeting. Use the tools on the right-hand side of Whiteboard to type, draw and erase as you go.

Save and share files with Docs

 With Docs, lost documentation is a thing of the past. Docs, Traction Tools’ document repository, lets you easily save, share and send files to your team right from Traction Tools. Whether you’re collaborating on a training manual, creating a job description or sharing a proposal, Docs is just one click away. 

Where do I find Docs?

 Docs has been added to the top navigation bar in Traction Tools. When you click it, it’ll bring you to the Docs screen, where you can start building out your documentation. 

  • Create folders and subfolders to suit your needs
  • Edit access permissions to ensure your team has everything they need
  • Drag-and-drop documents for easy uploads
  • And more!

Share the Traction love with our new referral platform

You can now refer your friends to Traction Tools using a unique referral link. Plus, if your pal becomes a paying Traction Tools user, you’ll each get to choose a gift card from 200+ retailers; you’ll receive a $100 gift card after 30 days of them becoming a paid user, and they’ll receive a $75 gift card after 60 days!

Where do I find the referral widget?

 After you log in to Traction Tools, click your name in the top right-hand corner. Then, click “refer a friend.” Our referral widget will pop up, and you’ll be able to either copy your unique referral link, or email it to your friend from within the widget itself! 

Coming soon: Process management in Traction Tools

We’re partnering with Whale to bring optimized process documentation to Traction Tools users. Whale, a growing Belgian start-up, specializes in providing process management tools to help you document processes, train your team, boost transparency and scale your business. And soon, Whale functionality will be available in Traction Tools!

Sign up for early access, and get ready for the next generation of process management.

 Note: To ensure an awesome experience, we recommend running Traction Tools on Google Chrome when exploring our shiny new features. Enjoy!


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