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Top 5 Traction® Tools features you didn’t know about

Dec 7, 2017

At Traction Tools, our elves have been very busy!

With all the new updates coming out lately, there are lots of little things you might’ve missed—tips and tricks that can help make your experience with Traction Tools’ software for EOS® even better. 

Check out these helpful Traction Tools hacks, and try ‘em out at your next Level 10 Meeting™! Or, for all you high fact-finders out there, check out the full list of Traction Tools features

Reverse your Scorecard™

By default, your Scorecard shows data metrics from left to right, with the most recent data all the way on the right side of the Scorecard. If you feel like switching things up, you can!

Easily reverse your personal Scorecard in your Traction Workspace™, and move your metrics to the left-hand side. Simply click the drop-down at the upper right-hand side of the page and select My Settings. You’ll see an option to reverse your scorecard there. Be sure to save before you exit!

Customize your workspace

The Traction Workspace acts as your personal dashboard, and is fully customizable to fit your at-a-glance needs. It gives you quick access to a bulletin board of tiles that you can add, remove, resize and rearrange however you like.

You can add Tiles for just about anything—To-Dos, Scorecards, Rocks, Issues Lists…the list goes on!

Here’s how to customize your workspace:

  • Add a Tile by selecting it from the Add Tile drop-down at the top of your workspace. The new tile will appear below the others.
  • Remove a Tile by clicking on the trash can icon in the top-right corner.
  • Click and drag the top of a tile to move it, or click and drag on its edges to resize it.

Lisa Baker, Operations Manager at TLC tech, raves about how the Workspace helps her organize and prioritize her daily work. “Traction Tools has been instrumental in managing EOS tools! I love the Workspace to work from between meetings.”

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Access Level 10 Meeting info

Need to access information from a Level 10 Meeting? Now, you can quickly add notes to existing Issues and To-Dos from your Workspace tiles. You can also add new Issues, To-Dos, and people headlines using the icons in the top banner. Or create a To-Do for yourself in your To-Do tile within the Workspace—the options are endless!

Create a To-Do on the go

On the move and need to add a To-Do fast? No problem! You can send text messages to add new To-Dos, Issues or People Headlines to a Level 10 Meeting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the correct phone number to text. You have a unique phone number for To-Dos, one for Issues and another for People Headlines.
  2. Compose your text.
  3. Hit send!

The message will be automatically added to your agenda, and if it’s a To-Do, it will be assigned to you. If you’re in multiple Level 10 Meetings, no sweat—just make sure to text the number associated with that Level 10’s To-do, Issue or People Headline.

To set up Texting Actions, you’ll also need to set up your personal account.

Here’s how: 

  1. In the Workspace, select your name at the very top of the window, and select My Settings.
  2. Under Manage Phone Options, select Manage Other Phone Actions.
  3. Select Create a new phone action and associate each phone action with a phone number.

Undo what you did

Whoops! You’ve just deleted the wrong issue in the middle of your Level 10 Meeting! No worries—there’s an undo for that. Just hit Ctrl-Z or Cmd-Z (depending on your computer) and all is restored.

You can undo (and redo) actions in both the Issues List and the Accountability Chart™. 

Stay current with new features

This summer, we created the Traction Tools knowledge base, a centralized hub for Traction Tools-related queries. Just type in a keyword or two relevant to what you’re looking for, and get ready to learn!  

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the knowledge base? We got you. Contact us to submit a support ticket.

Do more with Traction Tools

Check out the FAQs in your Workspace to learn more, or visit our knowledgebase to see the articles designed to help you boost productivity. 

Not a Traction Tools user? Ready to be? Start your 30-day free trial today!


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