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3 Reasons Traction Tools Makes a Difference in Your Business

Sep 6, 2018

At Traction Tools, we just finished our Quarterly Session, where one of our Headlines made some waves. Since November 2016, Traction Tools has experienced exponential growth. It was surprising to see the numbers, but maybe it shouldn’t have been. After all, our company lives and breathes the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, and our very purpose is to help companies run on EOS®.

We’re not sharing our numbers in order to brag, but because it shows that our customers have discovered an EOS software company that makes a real difference in running their business. Traction Tools users enjoy a solution and customer experience that they won’t find anywhere else. What makes Traction Tools so special? We think it’s the passions.

Passion for EOS

Without question, the most important secret of our success is the Entrepreneurial Operating System. We couldn’t have done it without EOS. From our very first days, the people at Traction Tools have been big believers in the system, and that passion fuels our desire to help companies accomplish more. That’s one reason why Traction Tools became the first officially licensed EOS software.

We’ve found that many companies that self-implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System aren’t running on it purely. Traction Tools was started to help those organizations get EOS-pure and get what they want as a business. Since then, we’ve also discovered the value that EOS Implementers are getting out of Traction Tools with their own clients.

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We’re able to provide that value to Implementers and companies, because we believe in the business benefits that flow out of purely running your company on EOS.

Passion for Our Customers

Hands down, our greatest asset at Traction Tools is our people. Our people are passionate about the software, they believe in the power of EOS, and they love helping companies succeed.

We see it play out on our team every day. For example, we give every client concierge-level onboarding service. They can simply send us photos of their whiteboard or their notes from Session Day, and our team uploads them into the software for them. Our clients don’t have to do a thing to get up and running, because we want their experience to be as smooth and frictionless as possible.

Our commitment to our clients doesn’t stop after onboarding. Sometimes a new client is still struggling to gain Traction™, and they find themselves facing a decision between paying payroll and paying for the Traction Tools software. Our sales team has been known to give them the software without charge for six months. We revisited with them six months later to see how things are going, and by that time our client was back on track and they were able to resume payments.

That’s what our “Help First” Core Value looks like at Traction Tools.

Our customers have noticed the Traction Tools difference. EOS Implementer Assistant Alex Goodier said, “The customer service has been out of this world. They always respond promptly, they always want to do anything they can to help, and I always leave pleased—not only with the result but also with such a great experience. I love Traction Tools and can’t imagine our organization without it!”

Our philosophy is to give value away. Traction Tools will always give what people need, because we believe that we’ll eventually get what we need as well.

Passion for Solutions

Traction Tools was built to help companies do more, faster. Everything we do is aimed at finding a way to win. As a result, we’re hearing about clients that get up and running with EOS in record time. Here’s how our solution-focused approach works:

  1. When you’re ready to start with the software, send your tools to our data entry team so we can upload them into the software.
  2. Do a walkthrough of the Level 10 Meeting in Traction Tools software.
  3. Run your first Level 10 Meeting in Traction Tools. The Client Success team follows up to ask how your first meeting went.
  4. Do a second Level 10 Meeting training in the software.

Within your first 30 days, you’ll get three touches from our Client Success Team to help you perfect using the software to run your Level 10 Meetings. By the time you meet with your Implementer 30 days later, you already have your tools built out! You’ve been successfully running Level 10 Meetings for nearly a month. Companies that don’t use Traction Tools can take as long as 90 days to reach that level of success.

We’re big on providing solutions for EOS Implementers, too. As companies progress along the EOS journey, some leadership teams have a difficult time setting up their tools using spreadsheets and home-grown methods. They become discouraged, making EOS more difficult to implement. But Traction Tools helps EOS Implementers retain more clients, because the automated system lets companies focus on the EOS Process without getting distracted by side issues like spreadsheets and documentation processes. This frees up Implementers to maximize their work with clients—as they get rolling quicker, the Implementers can make a impact, sooner.

Certified EOS Implementer Victoria Cabot agrees. “Traction Tools allows leadership teams to leverage technology and get their data visible and working quickly,” she said. “It spares the question of who is going to manage the paperwork.”

Our Greatest Passion Is Your Success

The EOS journey does amazing things for organizations. And in conjunction with Traction Tools software, entrepreneurs are getting everything they want through this EOS journey. That’s what drives us most—to see people’s lives changing as their companies find the solutions they need while running on EOS.

Discover for yourself what makes Traction Tools the standout software solution for EOS. Get an on-demand demo now!


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