New Traction Tools API Gives the Automation You Asked For


New Traction Tools API Gives the Automation You Asked For

Traction Tools does a great job of streamlining your To-Dos, but our customers have told us we could do better. On the one hand, it’s easy to create a To-Do at any time—during a Level-10 Meeting™, via text, or through your Workspace. And Traction Tools automatically sends you reminders throughout the week until your To-Dos are completed. We think that’s pretty great, but we could do better.

The biggest inefficiency in Traction Tools is the manual data entry. To-Dos and Rocks need to be incorporated into your project management system. Your metrics need to be entered into the Scorecard. Headline information needs to be typed into the Level-10 Meeting Agenda. It’s all manual work that takes time and opens the door for human error.

But not anymore! You’ve asked for more automation, and we listened. Traction Tools is excited to introduce our new API. Now, with the help of a programmer, you can automatically share data between Traction Tools and your other systems.

Do More with the Traction Tools API

You’re already tracking financial data in your Company Scorecard. Wouldn’t it be great to import your financial data directly from Quickbooks into your Company Scorecard? It’s one less thing to do, and one less chance for human error and misreporting.

With our API, you can boost your project management by automatically importing To-Dos into applications like Asana or Teamwork. What else could you do with the API? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Import key CRM data into the Scorecard.
  • Send Traction Tools data for analysis to Databox.
  • Push To-Dos to a specific channel in Slack.
  • Add Issues to Trello.
  • Import headlines from Google Docs.
  • Add To-Do deadlines to your calendar.

You can even use the Traction Tools API to create Level 10 Meetings. Once you add the users within Traction Tools, you can import all of the other data from external sources and create a Level 10 Meeting. Post all of the information for each agenda item—Headlines, Scorecard data, Rock information, To-Dos and Issues—then add the users to the meeting you’ve created.

Until now, Traction Tools didn’t support formulas, requiring you to manually enter all of your Scorecard data each week. Now you’ll enjoy even better service and save even more time. If you have a developer who can program the API for you, your data can automatically be updated in the Traction Tools Scorecard in real time!

Each item has several actions you can command, such as getting information, updating information, creating a new entry or adding a user.

What Do You Need?

As long as you have a developer who can work with APIs, you’re all set! Traction Tools can connect with any other software platform that has its own API. The possibilities are practically endless!

Get All the Details

Check out the complete API and explore all the possible options for each Traction Tool module. You can also learn more about using the Traction Tools API at our API FAQ page.

Want to build an integration app that works with Traction Tools? Let’s talk!

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