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Our rebrand: explained

May 29, 2020

Here at Traction® Tools, our list of top priorities is short and sweet: entrepreneurs. We exist to help business owners thrive and meet their goals. So, we decided to give our brand a little facelift to better reflect these priorities.

Our story starts with…

…our clients, the entrepreneurs. Our aim is to support an entrepreneur’s vision as it becomes reality. We go about this the best way we know how to: knocking out the pesky details so that entrepreneurs are free to focus on their big picture. That is our big picture.

Our company is fueled by three things…

… 1) helping our users, 2) making their businesses run smoothly and 3) finding a way to see them win. With these three values at the center of our work, we are a team of problem solvers who are fiercely dedicated to our clients’ success. Our can-do attitude trickles down into every corner of our business, so that we stay on our A-game.

If our brand could talk…

…it would sound a lot like an entrepreneur. We put ourselves directly in our customer’s shoes and always challenge our team to embody the entrepreneurial mindset. So we came up with a list of our personality traits that we want to highlight:

  1. We are bold because we’re not afraid to take risks. 
  2. We are flexible because we understand that business moves quickly. 
  3. We are tenacious because giving up just isn’t in our vocabulary. 
  4. We are responsible because we believe in being good to others. 
  5. We are approachable because we are made up of people who care. 
  6. We are passionately professional because we’re enthusiastic about our users’ success.


We would describe our aesthetic as…

…energized, dynamic and balanced. The Traction® Tools logo, which resembles two hammers in motion, points to our forward momentum as a team; we’re a hardworking bunch that’s always thinking about the future. 

Our color palette of yellow, pink and blue makes a strong, bright statement that complements our brand personality. The small icons on our materials add clarity and spunk to each piece of information we put out. The newly added organic shapes and waves show off the fluidity of the companies we work with.

From what you see on our website to what you read in our emails, we vow to be bold, flexible, tenacious, responsible, approachable, and passionately professional with our community every step of the way. That’s who we are.


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