One Trouble-Free Way to Close Out Your Quarter


One Trouble-Free Way to Close Out Your Quarter

For companies using the Entrepreneurial Operating System every 90 days, you assess the previous quarter and prepare for the next as part of the quarterly pulse. That process involves locating all the tools and documents you’ll need for the Quarterly Meeting, and making sure you have the most recent version of each. In the process, it’s easy to print an obsolete version or forget an item. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just push a button and your quarterly packet was instantly prepared for you?

Consider it done! The Traction Tools application gives you everything you need for your Quarterly Meetings in one handy printout. Meeting preparation takes just a few minutes, and there are no stray documents to worry about forgetting.

The Quarterly Printout

The Quarterly Printout is designed to reduce your prep work for Quarterly Meetings. With just the click of a button, it gives you everything you need for your session in a single PDF document:

  • Rocks with status
  • Headlines
  • V/TO™ with long-term Issues List
  • Accountability Chart™
  • Current Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda—current To-Dos and Issues
  • Scorecard
  • People Analyzer—if you have a people issue you are prepared to solve. This is one of our newest features, which is designed to help you resolve people frustrations.

Use the printout to guide your meeting and take notes. You’re guaranteed to have everything in one place, at your fingertips!

To get the Quarterly Printout, go to L10 from your Workspace and select Manage for the Level 10 Meeting. In the Manage view, click Generate Printout and make sure all the items in the list are selected. This creates a PDF document that you can take with you to your off-site Quarterly Meeting.

Set Up the New Quarter

After your Quarterly Meeting, close out the old quarter and set up the new one in Traction Tools. Here’s the process, with links to our Knowledge Base articles in case you need a walkthrough:

Coming Soon: Start the Next Quarter in a Flash

Starting this summer, it will be easier than ever to move into the next quarter.

Traction Tools is excited to release the Quarterly Wizard™—the quickest way to set up your next quarter with EOS. The wizard walks you through each step of closing one quarter and setting up the next—helping automate some pieces along the way to save you even more time!

The Quarterly Wizard will be released this summer to all Traction Tools customers. Watch your inbox for the official release date.

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Focus on Your Business with Traction Tools

At Traction Tools, we’re committed to helping you run your business more efficiently and more productively. The Quarterly Printout and Quarterly Wizard make it easier than ever to prep for your Quarterly Meetings and transition into the next quarter. That means you can focus on your business, and not on paperwork.

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Kathy Mayfield

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Kathy is the tireless Integrator at Traction® Tools. She loves getting in the trenches with her team to hone and refine our business and our culture. Kathy fell in love with EOS® when she met an inspiring entrepreneur by chance. She is also director of learning and a member of the Leadership Team of the Female Integrator Mastermind. She has a personal goal of reading 100 books in one year. She also loves flipping houses and riding western pleasure horses.