Onboard EOS Clients Faster with Traction Tools


Onboard EOS Clients Faster with Traction Tools

As a Professional or Certified EOS Implementer™, you’re driven to help entrepreneurial organizations become their best. You love partnering with companies to see them get better at Vision, Traction, and Healthy. And you probably celebrate every time you see it happen for your clients—it never gets old for you.

That’s what drives Traction Tools, too. We love seeing organizations break through the ceiling to achieve new levels of Traction®. And we love to see them get up and running with the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in record time.

EOS Implementers that use Traction Tools are reporting that our EOS software makes the setup with clients speedy and frictionless.

Onboard EOS Clients Faster

Companies that use Traction Tools EOS software get up and running fast, because the onboarding process is surprisingly smooth and quick. Often after Focus Day, the leadership team submits their tools to the Client Success Team at Traction Tools. They get a walkthrough of the Level 10 Meeting™ in the software, and they run their first Level 10 Meeting. Then the Client Success Team follows up to see how it went and answer any questions about using the software. We also give them one more training on the software.

Within their first few days, they’ve already had three personal touches from our team.

Many Implementers tell us that by the time their clients get to Vision Building 1, they already have their Level 10 Meetings working and humming along for weeks. There aren’t many corrections to make. They’re in the system, they have their agenda down, they come prepared, they’re running the meeting on time and they’re IDSing appropriately.

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As a result, Implementers are reporting that companies are getting healthy quickly, because they’re mastering the Level 10 Meeting Agenda so quickly. The software is a bit like the bumpers on a bowling alley to help keep EOS clients where they need to be. “Our clients who use Traction Tools expedite their adoption and perfecting of the Level 10 Meeting,” said Francesca Lever, Integrator at EOS Australia. EOS Implementer John McMahon agrees: “Traction Tools helps companies accelerate their learning in a way that avoids all the distractions that don’t add value—gathering paper, managing multiple spreadsheets and documents.”

Maximize Your Work

Quicker mastery frees you up to maximize your work with leadership teams. Less onboarding means more time digging into the issues with clients and helping them to apply the EOS Tools more effectively.

At the same time, the value your client gets from you is greater. They’re not spending all their time with you trying to develop their EOS Tools—instead, they’re benefitting from your expertise as you help them to use the EOS Tools in the context of their business life.

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Get Started With Traction Tools

Traction Tools is your partner to help entrepreneurial leaders get everything they want from their companies. We’re here to help you make a difference in clients’ lives. With Traction Tools, you’ll enjoy less time onboarding, and more of the work you love to do with clients.

Discover for yourself how Traction Tools can help your Implementer business. Get an on-demand demo now!

Kathy Mayfield

About the Author

Kathy is the Integrator at Traction® Tools and, quite frankly, one of the main reasons our company took flight. After joining forces with Certified EOS Implementer™ Todd Smart as his executive assistant in 2013, she helped catapult Smart Partners, Inc. into a thriving entrepreneurial company. By that time, Kathy’s love affair with EOS® was a done deal. A few years later when the saucy little startup Traction Tools appeared on the EOS scene, Kathy switched gears and focused her attention on making Traction Tools an operational success. Her work at Traction Tools has been described by our Visionary as “akin to transforming an airplane into a rocket ship—mid-flight.” She harnessed and directed our energy toward rapid growth. She’s done the same as the director of learning and a member of the Leadership Team of the Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM).