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New year, new features!

Jan 19, 2022

We’ve made it yet another lap around the sun, and that means out with the old, in with the new. (New meeting tool features, that is.)

The thing that drives us most here at Traction® Tools is providing the tools you need to optimize your meetings. That means we’re constantly sifting through feedback to brainstorm the best way to improve your experience, enhance your meetings and drive your productivity. Read on for some of the best new software features we’ve released in the last year (yay!).

Tangent Button

We can’t lie: we’re pretty excited about this one. This is for those meetings when everyone keeps getting sidetracked, and you end up talking about everything under the sun—EXCEPT what you came to the meeting to discuss.

How to use it: All you need to do is hit the anonymous “Tangent” button on the lefthand side, and everyone in the meeting will know that it’s time to steer the convo back on track.

When to use it: We love a good brainstorming session, but not every meeting is built for open-endedness. Use the tangent button when you need to shift gears back into the productive zone and save the brainstorms for another meeting.

Keyboard shortcut for People Headlines

We’re all about ease of use. Why make something complicated when it can be easy? Now, instead of manually creating People Headlines for your meetings, all you need to do is hit Shift+P.

How to use it: While in a meeting, press Shift+P to bring up an editable People Headlines box. It’s that easy.

When to use it: Meetings can be a windfall of information, questions and next steps. Use any of these keyboard shortcuts to save oh-so-precious seconds during meetings:

  • Shift+P to create a People Headline
  • Shift+I to create an Issue
  • Shift+T to create a To-Do
  • Ctrl+Z (PC) or Command+Z (Mac) to retrieve an Issue in the IDS™ section

Coming soon: Hidden meeting ratings

We love and value transparency in the workplace, but we’re also humans. Everyone can be influenced by the opinions of others, whether we want to admit it or not. Our new hidden rating feature mitigates bias and encourages authentic feedback by hiding everyone else’s ratings (except yours, that is) until the meeting leader selects “Display Ratings.”

How to use it: After turning this feature on, only one rating will be visible on the Conclude Meeting page—yours! After everyone has inputted their ratings, the meeting leader will have the option to “Display Ratings.” This will unveil everyone’s honest feedback at the same time, opening the door to better feedback and, ultimately, better meetings.

When to use it: If your team struggles with the vulnerability of public ratings, this feature is for you. 

Not a part of the Traction Tools community yet? Reach out to us so we can show you all the other cool features we have to offer!


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