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A love letter to EOS Implementers®

Feb 11, 2021

Dear EOS Implementers, 

Recently, our team was talking about Valentine’s Day — how it’s a time to confront your feelings, reaffirm commitment and even…confess your love. And we just can’t keep it in anymore! We love you, Implementers! We always have, and we always will! There, we said it! We’re not crying, you are!

Why do we love you? O’ let us count the ways.

1. Your humble confidence

You shine a light into the future, creating transparency and vulnerability that lets businesses conquer all. Nothing compares to the way you facilitate clarity for your EOS® business partners. Your ability to foster alignment is a gift to us all, and our hearts doth swell at the thought of it.

2. Your growth mindset

You are constantly, tirelessly helping your clients achieve their wildest dreams. Organizations grow from your wisdom, and your gentle (and sometimes not gentle) guidance lays the foundation for a better future. Your ability to seek out opportunities, find them and blaze a trail forward inspires us to be an EOS software you’d bring home to your mother. (But it’s like, totally okay if you’re not ready to take that step yet.)

3. Your trustworthiness

Time and time again, you show up for your clients, and we love you for it. We’re in love with you for it. Always the first to do the right thing, you are the epitome of a support system. We can’t think of another support network we’d rather be a part of, and we cherish it every single day.

4. Your unconditional support

Your clients can go to you with anything — concerns, dreams and frustrations. You are always, always there for them, and the ease with which you resolve problems blows us away. When there’s an obstacle, you don’t just carry your clients over it; you teach them to surmount it themselves without expecting anything in return, and it truly, deeply moves us.

Our commitment to you

We love you, Implementers. We love you so much, we’re ready to commit to you here and now. Please accept this, our most solemn vow, from the depths of our hearts:

We will have your back, no matter the time, place or situation.

We will work hard to make your jobs easier, and your lives better.

We will help you make the world a better place.

We simply cannot wait to see you at the 2021 EOS Conference this April, sweetest of hearts. Thank you so much for everything you do. We can’t imagine the world without you, and we never want to.

Until we meet again, we will hold each and every optimizer session, training session, email, text and call in our heart of hearts. You complete us. 💖

For now, please accept this humble poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You constantly blow us away,
We’re software people, not poets. But have we mentioned we love you?

All our love, 

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