Level 10 Meetings: Keep on Track


Level 10 Meetings: Keep on Track

The Level 10 Meeting is an EOS® cornerstone—and for good reason. You already know that running a better meeting increases productivity and eliminates wasted time. Traction® Tools software takes the Level 10 Meeting to the next level.

Jay Wilkinson is the CEO of Firespring. Since beginning his EOS journey in 2011, he has tripled the size of his business, entered the Fortune 5000 list, and was featured on Inc.’s “The 50 Best Places to Work in 2016.” He’s also a Traction® Tools user.

Before Traction® Tools, Jay said that Firespring experimented with other software and found that “they all required manipulation or hacking to use.” Traction® Tools offers the only EOS® software licensed by EOS Worldwide, so the principles, vocabulary, and functions are exactly what you’d expect. It’s all EOS®-pure.

The L10 Meeting in Traction® Tools is built to keep you on track and on time with Good News, Reporting, Accountability, and Issue Solving. Timers count down the allotted minutes for each component, and everyone who participates in the L10 has the same view—so everyone is on the same page. Literally.

7 spectacular features

Some special ways in which Traction® Tools makes running a Level 10 easier include:

  1. Context-aware issues and to-dos save you time and increase your accuracy.
  2. Notes travel with to-dos and issues and are never lost. In fact, nothing in the software is ever lost; it can be pulled from the archive section.
  3. Keep track of your to-do completion percentage and increase it. To-do lists can be sorted by owner to streamline reporting.
  4. The Issue Solving section allows meeting participants to prioritize the top three most important issues and get busy solving them in permanent and inspiring ways.
  5. An issue can be delegated to another Level 10 or added to the long-term issues list on the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO).
  6. The V/TO and Accountability Chart are embedded in the L10 Meeting for reference during Issue Solving.
  7. Access your meeting remotely or on-the-go with video conferencing and Traction® Tools’ mobile app.

Remarkable features: One company’s experience

Wilkinson says that the ability to “roll Level 10 Meetings out to every team and department” has had a significant effect on his company: “As soon as we implemented, those meetings escalated us to a level that allowed us to increase our growth.”

He also cites the virtual meeting functionality as a “spectacular feature” and says he has found that if team members can’t be physically present for the meeting that it’s better to have everyone log in remotely, which increases focus and eliminates side conversations. “You see all of the faces on the screen. You know exactly who is talking. It has made it efficient to work with members not in the same office.”

The simplicity of adding issues to the list is useful, Wilkinson says. The Text-an-Issue feature makes organizing effortless. “Since you spend most of your time in an L10 Meeting solving issues, it’s important that Traction® Tools makes managing and prioritizing issues simple.”

If you have the right tools, it can be easy to stick to a 90-minute meeting and get stuff done. Traction® Tools can make it happen.

Kathy Mayfield

About the Author

Kathy is the Integrator at Traction® Tools and, quite frankly, one of the main reasons our company took flight. After joining forces with Certified EOS Implementer™ Todd Smart as his executive assistant in 2013, she helped catapult Smart Partners, Inc. into a thriving entrepreneurial company. By that time, Kathy’s love affair with EOS® was a done deal. A few years later when the saucy little startup Traction Tools appeared on the EOS scene, Kathy switched gears and focused her attention on making Traction Tools an operational success. Her work at Traction Tools has been described by our Visionary as “akin to transforming an airplane into a rocket ship—mid-flight.” She harnessed and directed our energy toward rapid growth. She’s done the same as the director of learning and a member of the Leadership Team of the Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM).