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Save a month of time with free process documentation & migration services

May 18, 2022

Do you struggle to stay on top of process documentation? Are your SOPs scattered between word documents, spreadsheets and Post-it notes? Do you cringe when you hear the phrase, “process standardization?”

The Process Component™ is one of the Six Key Components™ in EOS®—but it’s a far cry from the easiest to master. The creation, documentation and systematization of business processes is equally crucial as it is intimidating.

But here’s a secret: there’s a better way to approach processes.

From May 18 to June 30, 2022, our process partner, Whale, is offering Traction® Tools users the opportunity to hand off the nitty-gritty aspects of process documentation to a team of SOP experts. This service comes at a $1,900 value…and Traction Tools clients can claim it free of charge with every annual Whale subscription.


What is Whale?

Whale is a cutting-edge Knowledge Sharing and training Platform, built to systemize business processes and bring clarity to chaos. Created by entrepreneurs for scaling businesses, Whale offers an all-in-one system for teams running on EOS® to help document processes, train teams and optimize for growth.

Needless to say, the Traction Tools + Whale partnership is a match made in entrepreneurial heaven.

Traction Tools + Whale

By harnessing a shared arsenal of business acumen, Traction Tools and Whale work in tandem to provide a seamless process documentation experience to Traction Tools users—and it’s all thanks to our value-led partnership.

Launched in 2021, the first iteration of the Traction Tools-Whale integration allows Traction Tools users to enjoy a seamless process documentation experience that emulates EOS® purity and organizational scalability.

What to expect when using Whale:

Streamlined process documentation.
No more digging through notebooks, documents and spreadsheets to find the right process. Map out and document all processes with an intuitive, centralized interface. 

Clarity across all departments.
Break down silos by giving team members access to the right process at the right time—regardless of department.

Sweeping process scalability.
Easily manage, edit and reorganize processes to ensure consistency across your growing business.

Easy new hire training.
With the ability to “assign” processes to users, you can ensure that new hires are brought up-to-speed quickly and effectively.

75+ convenient, pre-built process templates.
Not sure where to start? Whale has you covered. With over 75 pre-built process templates, process documentation can be easy and efficient.

Save a month’s worth of time for free!

On average, it takes businesses at least a month to document, organize and systematize their processes. From May 18 to June 30, 2022, Traction Tools users have the ability to delegate this tedious task—free of charge with every annual Whale subscription.

What’s included:

2-week process migration
Hand off your existing processes to Whale, and they’ll import and organize your content in their all-in-one knowledge tool. As thought leaders in the business process space, your SOPs will be specifically organized for ease-of-access according to your team’s unique needs.

Coaching & training
When it comes to processes, rollouts and scalability are everything. Connect with your dedicated customer success manager through virtual 1:1 calls for expert guidance on documentation best practices, methodologies and how to garner sweeping team adoption.


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