FIM Women's Summit | October 13–15, 2019


FIM Women's Summit | October 13–15, 2019

Attend the upcoming FIM Women’s Summit to inspire and be inspired by other women who share the joys and challenges of being a female integrator for an EOS® organization.

Traction®  Tools is sponsoring the FIM Women’s Summit event on October 13–15, 2019. Come out and meet other FIM members and learn from others’ experiences who have been where you are! Early bird pricing is available until July 15, 2019!


October 13–15, 2019


The Adolphus Hotel
1321 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75202

Who should attend?

Female Integrators who want to build a meaningful, more personal connection with like-minded women while improving their Integrator skills.

What you’ll gain

  • Tighter community bond through face-to-face connection with other FIM members
  • Clarity and focus from drawing on the experiences of others who have been where you are
  • Sharpened skills at using EOS® tools and disciplines to get more traction
  • Renewed perspective from investing in time away to nurture yourself
  • Proven actionable insights for your issues and challenges

Keynote Speaker:

Mary Pat Knight
Are You Ready to be the Leader of Your Business?

Women are conditioned from an early age to be “nice.” This can create barriers to authentic, bold and transparent communication and place women in the role of rescuer, hero or caretaker. In her keynote address at the Annual Women’s Summit, leadership transformation and emotional intelligence expert Mary Pat Knight will teach you the skills you need to lead from truth, kindness and authentic communication.

Mary Pat is Founder and CEO of Leaders Inspired. Her 30-year career has spanned executive leadership positions in marketing, operations, strategic planning, human resources and executive coaching.

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