New Group Empowers Female Integrators with EOS Support


New Group Empowers Female Integrators with EOS Support

Kristine Clayton has always aspired to learn from like-minded peers. When she attended an Integrator Mastery Forum, she was overjoyed to meet brilliant Visionaries and Integrators. She also couldn’t help noticing that she was one of only two female Integrators in the room.

Kristie longed for a network of Integrators to share wisdom and experiences—something like Vistage, Young Professionals Organization (YPO) or Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). These support groups tend to be geared towards Visionaries, but there was nothing specifically designed for Integrators. So Kristie set out to build a passionate peer group for female Integrators, and before long, a handful of women was meeting virtually. The Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM) was born.

FIM is designed to empower, support and educate female Integrators who are passionate about the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. All the members are either full-time or fractional Integrators at companies running on EOS®. These are strong, intelligent, powerful women that are all about giving it all away to the next generation—and to others on their leadership teams who might not have had the same opportunities.

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If you’re a female Integrator, FIM might be the support network you’re looking for. It was for me—I discovered the peer group about four months ago. Here’s what you can expect from FIM.

What Is FIM Like?

FIM meets virtually, through video calls. We have quarterly IDS meetings, monthly learning opportunities, and weekly check-ins on Facebook’s Workplace platform. We also share Wisdom Wednesday posts—little tidbits about running on EOS—and introduce new members on Fridays.

Currently, all our Integrators meet together in the same meeting. Eventually Female Integrator Mastermind will be modeled like EO, with local chapters and one parent company. The 10-year goal is to grow FIM to 10,000 women worldwide, with a global chapter, regional and local chapters, with forums within each chapter where 8-10 women can get together in a room. It’s an audacious goal, but we’re already growing exponentially—when I joined FIM four months ago, there were fewer than ten of us. Now we have about 60 women in the group.

EOS Worldwide has already taken notice and EOS founder Gino Wickman, EOS Visionary Mike Paton and Former EOS Integrator Don Tinney have all met with the leadership and are excited to see FIM grow. Current EOS Integrator Kelly Knight is also an active participant in the group and has offered some purity coaching.

Support for Implementing EOS

Many of the Integrators are self-implementing EOS, and they often have questions about becoming more EOS-pure. As a fanatic of EOS purity, I’m excited to be joining the leadership team as Director of Learning. Not only am I passionate about helping people to learn more about EOS purity, but I’m also passionate about helping and empowering women leaders. So this will be an exciting journey of empowering women Integrators!

We’re building out our learning initiative now, and we have great things planned for the fall. Each month we’ll host a Certified EOS Implementer™ to tackle different topics related to the EOS tools and process. For example, how to delegate and elevate, or how to balance working on the business and working in the business. These are the kinds of issues many Integrators need help with, so FIM will be a key resource to help drive EOS purity to the Integrator community.

Other plans for the future:

  • November 4-6, 2018: Annual FIM Women’s Summit. Save the date! We are planning our FIRST Annual Women’s Summit.
  • May 2-3, 2019: FIM Cocktail Hour and Dinner at the Annual Conference for Companies Running on EOS

More events are being planned. Keep an eye on the Female Integrator Mastermind website to see what else is on the horizon.

FIM Member Benefits

FIM membership comes with some terrific benefits to help you in your EOS journey. Some of them include:

  • Access to private group chat
  • Document-sharing archive
  • 4 virtual quarterly FIM IDS sessions
  • 8 learning workshops
  • Job postings
  • Membership directory
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Invitation to FIM Cocktail Hour
  • Dinner/social at Annual Conference for Companies Running on EOS
  • Invitation to Annual FIM Women’s Summit
  • Traction Tools 30-day trial

Traction Tools is proud to be FIM’s first Premier Partner. We are the go-to software for FIM’s Level 10 Meetings™ and using the EOS Foundational Tools. Every new member of FIM will get an offer for a demo and free trial of TT.

Join FIM Today!

Female Integrator Mastermind was created to support and encourage female Integrators. You’ll find a community of women leaders that empowers you to embrace your role wholeheartedly, make bold decisions with confidence, and face challenges with perseverance.

If FIM seems like the right fit for you, come and join us! Apply for membership today.

Kathy Mayfield

About the Author

Kathy is the Integrator at Traction® Tools and, quite frankly, one of the main reasons our company took flight. After joining forces with Certified EOS Implementer™ Todd Smart as his executive assistant in 2013, she helped catapult Smart Partners, Inc. into a thriving entrepreneurial company. By that time, Kathy’s love affair with EOS® was a done deal. A few years later when the saucy little startup Traction Tools appeared on the EOS scene, Kathy switched gears and focused her attention on making Traction Tools an operational success. Her work at Traction Tools has been described by our Visionary as “akin to transforming an airplane into a rocket ship—mid-flight.” She harnessed and directed our energy toward rapid growth. She’s done the same as the director of learning and a member of the Leadership Team of the Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM).