EOS Software to Keep Your Rocks on Track


EOS Software to Keep Your Rocks on Track

Charlie Brown doesn’t like rocks, but we love ‘em! We know that it’s not everyone’s favorite thing, though. At Traction Tools we’ve learned from experience it can be hard to complete Rocks, and others find it challenging to stay on top of them or hold their people accountable.


At Traction Tools, we want to help you get the most out of your company Rocks. As Gino Wickman says, Rocks are invaluable to the success of your organization. So we’ve built the Traction Tools Rocks module to help your company gain more traction.

Let’s explore the Rocks in Traction Tools EOS software.

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Creating Rocks

After you’ve set Rocks in your annual or quarterly session, update them in the software by going to the L10 window and selecting Manage next to the proper meeting. If you’re in a Level 10 Meeting™ and realize you’ve forgotten to add a Rock, you can do it from the Level 10 Meeting Agenda, too.

For company Rocks, the software automatically adds them to your V/TO™. No extra management for you to take care of! With the Rocks you’ve captured in other systems, just upload them from a .csv or .txt file—or submit them via our Client Success Portal and our team will automatically take care of creating the Rocks for you!

Rocks Are Always in View

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to add Rocks to the Level 10 Meeting agenda, or human data entry errors! Rocks are automatically added to the Level 10 agenda, as soon as they’re created.

But you don’t need to navigate all the way to the Level 10 meeting every time you want to review a Rock. Instead, you can quickly view your personal and company Rocks right in your Traction Tools Workspace. There, you can see the status of your Rock.

Reassign Rocks to the Right Person

What happens if a Rock owner moves to a different seat, or leaves your company altogether? Now you’ve got a misassigned Rock—which leaves it vulnerable to slipping through the cracks, forgotten.

Not to worry! We’ve made it easy to reassign Rocks to a different person. Now you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of who’s been assigned to take on the orphaned Rock. (Typically that would be the supervisor of the person who left.)

Stay on Track with Traction Tools

Our customers love how Traction Tools helps you keep your Rocks on track. “Traction Tools has made it easy,” said Equinet Media’s Kirstine Storey. “We now have departmental Level 10s facilitated across the business to ensure teams are solving issues and completing their own Rocks.”

See how Traction Tools can help you stay on track—get your free trial today!


Kathy Mayfield

About the Author

Kathy is the Integrator at Traction® Tools and, quite frankly, one of the main reasons our company took flight. After joining forces with Certified EOS Implementer™ Todd Smart as his executive assistant in 2013, she helped catapult Smart Partners, Inc. into a thriving entrepreneurial company. By that time, Kathy’s love affair with EOS® was a done deal. A few years later when the saucy little startup Traction Tools appeared on the EOS scene, Kathy switched gears and focused her attention on making Traction Tools an operational success. Her work at Traction Tools has been described by our Visionary as “akin to transforming an airplane into a rocket ship—mid-flight.” She harnessed and directed our energy toward rapid growth. She’s done the same as the director of learning and a member of the Leadership Team of the Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM).