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“Endless summer sweepstakes”—AKA how referring a friend gives YOU a chance to win $750 worth of prizes!

One of the coolest things about working with our clients is the fact that we genuinely want what’s best for them. It’s more than just…

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Visionary Vs. Integrator: Stop Sparring and Get on the Same Page

As any Certified or Professional EOS Implementer™ will tell you, the Visionary and Integrator™ are the one-two punch to leading your company effectively. Without either…

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The Business Sergeant Brings Military Lessons to Successful Business

There's a big difference between having a leadership title and being a confident, respected and effective leader. Chris Hallberg's Business Sergeant's Field Manual is written…

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“The Outsiders” Reveals the One Differentiator of Great CEOs

What’s the measure of an outstanding business leader? Is it their managerial abilities? Their company’s share price? Their charisma, or even name recognition? In short,…

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Sue Hawkes Shatters Imposter Syndrome and Redefines Success

Sue Hawkes is a best-selling author, Certified EOS Implementer, and award-winning seminar leader. She is also the CEO of YESS! — her company that helps…

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The New Traction Library Has All the Tools to Do EOS Right

Everyone on your team needs the right resources and tools to implement EOS throughout your organization. To make this task easy for your leadership team,…

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