EOS Authors, Get a Grip

Get a Grip Shows a Gritty, Real-Life Picture How to Implement EOS

Mike Paton has spent a lifetime learning from entrepreneurs. Known in the EOS® Community as Paton, he works hard to give back—as a speaker, author,…

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EOS Authors, EOS Events, EOS Implementers, Get a Grip

EOS Workshop Helps You Get a Grip on Your Business

Different people learn best in different ways. A lot of people read Traction, the book that introduces the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), and get excited…

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EOS Authors, Rocket Fuel

Mark C. Winters Talks About the Powerful Concepts Behind Rocket Fuel

Entrepreneurial business owners and CEOs are known for their great vision. They can see what’s possible that others don’t see. But they often get frustrated…

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EOS Authors, What the Heck Is EOS

Tom Bouwer Explains How to Roll Out EOS

Is your company struggling to find the best way to roll out the Entrepreneurial Operating System® throughout your organization? Do you need some help explaining…

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