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Introducing Traction® Tools for Kids!

Introducing Traction® Tools for Kids!

For the past eight years, thousands of entrepreneurs have used Traction Tools to reap the benefits of boosted productivity and heightened transparency. And now, your kids can get in on the action with Traction Tools for Kids! Check out our teaser video to learn more (hint: make sure you watch until the end...and happy April Fools' Day!).

Run Better Meetings

Level 10 Meetings

Team meeting portal

One-on-one Meetings

One-on-one meeting portal

Texting Actions

Capture items from your phone


Visualize and give live examples of your ideas

Measure Success


Measurables to track each week


Goals to complete each quarter

Optimize workflows


Items to complete each week


Identify issues to discuss and solve

Zapier Integration

Connect with your favorite platforms

Promote Transparency

Accountability Chart

Company functions and roles


Company and department vision and traction


Keep your EOS Docs in one convenient place

Process documentation

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