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5 Team-Boosting Communication Hacks You Never Thought Of

Everybody wants their team to get more done in the day, and effective communication is a big part of that. Rumor has it that when…

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7 Surprising Worst Practices Sucking Your Productivity

You’ve read the productivity hacks: only check your email twice per day. Turn off your smartphone notifications. Use the Pomodoro method. They’re all great tips…

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MYB2BCOACH Wants to Supercharge Your Sales Team

John Lund wants to get his hands on your sales team. In his past role as the global head of strategy at Entrepreneur’s Organization® and…

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Will Greater Accountability Hurt Your Corporate Culture?

You know accountability is necessary to gain Traction®, but how will greater accountability affect the culture of your workplace? You don’t want to give up…

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Top 7 Tips for a Difficult Quarterly Conversation™

The worst thing about management is having a difficult conversation with a direct report. The second worst thing is preparing for that conversation. In the…

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EOS Implementers™: Eliminate These New-Client Frustrations

If there’s such a thing as a calling, implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) with privately-held company leadership teams is mine. I’ve been a Professional…

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