Book Traction Tools to Speak at Your Next Business Group Meeting


Book Traction Tools to Speak at Your Next Business Group Meeting

For entrepreneurial business owners, it really is lonely at the top. Often there is no one else in the company to talk to about the challenges and struggles an owner experiences. That’s why many business leaders join groups like Vistage.

Vistage gives business owners a forum to talk with their peers about what’s going on in their lives and their businesses. They can encourage one another, discuss business ideas and learn from other business leaders who have been down the same road before. When Vistage members discover tools, processes or resources that improve their work or personal lives, they share them with other members of the group.

One of our customers belongs to a Vistage group in Minneapolis. He was so excited about the results his company has seen from Traction Tools that he decided his Vistage group needed to find out about it. He invited Regis Snyder, from our Client Success Team, to speak at a meeting and introduce the group to Traction Tools, software for running EOS®.

Vistage Meets Traction Tools

Vistage meetings are all-day events, with multiple speakers. Regis arrived early, during lunch, and had the chance to talk one-on-one with several people about Traction Tools before his talk. During the presentation, Regis gave a full demonstration of the software. He led the group through an EOS Level 10 Meeting™ and showed them how quickly Traction Tools can pay for itself by saving companies time and effort.

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The response was more enthusiastic than Regis had expected. A typical 30-minute demo stretched to a full hour of questions from the group. These business leaders were excited to learn about the ways Traction Tools improves meetings, saves time and takes items off their very full plates.

An Ideal Solution for Business Leaders

Traction Tools is an excellent fit for Vistage group members, because it’s built to improve convenience and performance. The software manages the foundational tools in the EOS Process™, from start to finish. It manages your To-Dos and Rocks, and sends out follow-up emails with Level 10 Meeting summaries and To-Do reminders. Even if your group members aren’t running the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, Traction Tools can transform their company meetings and follow-up activities.

Looking for guest speakers who can help your group members run better meetings? If you lead a business group and want to learn more about Traction Tools, contact us to set up a speaking engagement!

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