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Our Core Values

We love to help

Everything we do is designed to help our customers become more successful. “Help-first” isn’t a motto, it’s an expectation.

We’re constantly optimizing

We get a lot of amazing feedback from enthusiastic customers, but we can always do better. We promise to constantly be improving our EOS software.

We’ll find a way to win

We win when you win. You have our word that we will do whatever it takes to get the win you need from us.

Who Are We?

Traction Tools is a help-first software company that equips entrepreneurial businesses to get the most productivity out of their company meetings. Our clients are tired of dealing with painful company meetings, clunky business processes and uncompleted tasks. Instead, they’re implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) to accelerate their business growth by streamlining the Six Key Components™ of any business. Traction Tools software is an integral part of increasing their efficiency and productivity.

Traction Tools is the original officially licensed software for EOS, and the software of choice for organizations that want to get the most out of their meetings and business processes. Built on the Core Values of loving to help, optimizing, and finding a way to win, our team is dedicated to improving your company’s efficiency and success.

Client Success Is #1

Our Client Success Team embodies our Core Values: We love to help, we’re constantly optimizing, and we come from an abundance mentality. Have a question? Our team is dedicated to giving you personalized one-on-one help that completely solves your issue.

We’re also continually listening to our clients and improving Traction Tools software with requested features and capabilities. Our customers are enthusiastic about the software and provide great ideas that we frequently add to our development schedule. Have a suggestion? Let us know!

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I've seen firsthand how using Traction Tools can help an organization purely implement EOS. It's helped the EOS Worldwide leadership team, my EOS Implementer™ practice, and many of my clients run more efficient Level 10 Meetings™, keep a V/TO™ and Accountability Chart at hand and up to date, and better manage Rocks, To-Dos, and Issues.

Mike Paton
Certified EOS Implementer; Visionary, EOS Worldwide

Traction Tools has been a game changer for Rocket Click's ability to accelerate the adoption of the EOS Process™. As we roll out EOS within the company, Traction Tools helps keep us focused and pure to the process. The results have been more efficient Level 10 Meetings, massive time savings, and peace of mind. We credit a part of our overall company success this past year on the ability to use Traction Tools.

Nicole Mennicke
VP Operations, Rocket Clicks

We are loving Traction Tools. It has revolutionized how we conduct and communicate in our Level 10 Meetings and has truly assisted us in getting Traction®.

Paul Regalia
President, Cascade Healthcare Services, LLC