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Diverse personalities.
One driving purpose.

We’re a relentlessly bold team of business dynamos who share a passion for productivity.

Here’s our story.


We know a great idea when we see it.

It was 2014. Clay (our Visionary) was struggling with his own startup. His friend Jay (one of our founders) recommended a little book called Traction and, for Clay, it was love at first read. Just six days later, he pitched his brand-new software, Traction Tools, at a Chicago EOS® forum. As fate would have it, Todd (another founder) and his assistant Kathy were in attendance and immediately saw its potential for revolutionizing meetings. The rest is history.


“Like transforming an airplane into a rocket ship—mid-flight.”

The sky was the limit for Traction Tools, but it still needed help getting off the ground. That’s where Kathy came in. As the integrator of Clay’s vision, Kathy harnessed the power of Traction Tools and channeled it into explosive growth. Clay’s “airplane to rocket ship” metaphor couldn’t have described her contributions better. Now, we all spend our days (and quite a few nights) helping businesses like yours harness that same power.

Think you’d fit in at Traction Tools?

Do you share our passion for game-changing ideas—and our hatred for hour-long meetings that could’ve been an email? Then check out our current job openings and drop us a line now.

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One-on-one meeting portal

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